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A Classic (Tifa TF/AP/MC)
Tanya Lewiston tugged on a short-sleeved blue T-shirt, blue jeans, and white socks after she had finished taking her shower. She brushed her choppy red hair and brushed her teeth. Her freckles were as prominent as ever as she looked in the mirror, though she didn’t mind that fact, as she was sure that her bright green eyes mainly distracted people from her freckles. The thirteen-year-old stretched before she left the bathroom, went downstairs, and ate breakfast.  After that, she tugged on grey tennis shoes and followed her mother into the car. After a few minutes, her mother parked in Gamestop’s parking lot. 
“Alright Tanya, don’t take too long.” Her mother said.  
“I won’t.” Tanya said as she climbed out of the car and entered the Gamestop 
Tanya looked around for new games, when she spotted a PlayStation classic on sale for twenty dollars. Tanya decided that she’d get the console, since it
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Hazbin Hotel shit fics
Hide and Seek with Alastor: The Invitation
[Alchastor One-shot]
Alastor invites his little darling co-worker to a game he wants to play.
Alastor loves to play games.
He specifically loves the game Hide and Seek.
The deer demon would always remember fondly of his games with his victims.
Oh,how he loved their terrified expressions as they would run as far as they can from him,and how they’d become more terrified when he caught them all,killing them all gracefully yet mercilessly.
His little games became even more fun when he was sent to Hell.There were no cops to run from,no distractions,no rules,no morals-
Alastor loved how freely he can kill anyone who is much weaker than him.
This time today,he’ll truly love his game.
Why?Because he intends to play with his darling little co-worker,Cordelia.
Now,Alastor absolutely adores challenging a powerful opponent,but in everyone’s eyes,Cordelia is anything BUT powerful.
To them,Cordelia is a sweet young artist who is usi
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No way back [Wolf TF]
A loud crack, a long scream, and a deafening crash. This sequence of sounds were the first sign that the day's adventure was about to depart from routine.
From where he had landed on the floor of the pitch-black chasm, Anderson took stock of his situation. Far, far above him, a small circle of daylight revealed a distant blur that was the foliage that shrouded the once-proud temple whose catacombs he was set to explore.
The equipment failure that had sent him plummeting twenty feet onto a smooth, wet stone floor had not been part of his plans.
Anderson's landing had seen his backpack land squarely first, then the back of his head slam into the stone. His hands had been too busy trying to climb the falling rope to break his fall.
His hardhat had taken the brunt of the impact. It had sprung off into the darkness with it's headlamp either switched off or obliterated in the hit. Anderson tentatively rocked to his feet, taking in the soreness of his elbows, ankles, and neck. The adrena
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Locura amarilla (Resubido) by Bioteknos Locura amarilla (Resubido) :iconbioteknos:Bioteknos 14 3
Rainbow Dash was not a mare who enjoyed waiting, as anyone could see when she tapped her hoof impatiently against the edge of the Cutie Map. The pegasus exhaled with a sound of obvious annoyance as she reclined in her throne, looking around for the one she knew was supposed to be here. But, she was hardly the only one waiting, as Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack were also present, looking to one another with equal parts concern and curiosity over what their missing number had gathered them here for. However, after a good long while, their long wait paid off, as the doors of the palace opened to reveal Twilight, now entering from outside. They all smiled to her, but those smiles faded when they saw how serious she was looking right now. So, they waited again, watching as she approached the Map herself, and as she sat upon her own throne, she took a deep breath, then looked to each and every one of her friends.
"You're probably wondering why I've called you all here. Well, as you
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Back In High School2: (Read Description)

Office Talk

(Narrated by Max Goof)
Me and Chad were in the office together. I balled my fist and was ready to swing again, then Mazur spoke out. 
"MAX! STOP IT!" he said. "I think I know what the real problem is" Principal Mazar said. "I've been letting you get away with too much! First you get an atitude with me in the office, then I tried to help you, and now you're over here starting fights". "Well Principal Mazar," I spoke. "the fight would have never happened had Chad kept his mouth shut!" "Princithpal Mathzur," said Chad. His lips were now starting to swell up which caused him to talk funny. "I did nothin' wrong. Heth's the one who stharted the fight". "Sir, that's not true" I said. "He was the one that wanted to fight me first. I didn't want to have anything to do with it but then he mentioned my mother!" "Is that true, Chad?" the principal asked. "No, sthur" Chad replied. "I would
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Toxic User (Spread the word Metal slug community)
Ok, to the point, There is a motherfucker on the metal slug community, twxaxreal, this kid (I hope) is stalking everybody in their own Servers in discord, google hangouts, Youtube, Twitter, In every social site
Also, He steals works from another spriters to make his shitty images, Insulting and attacking everybody, Also Mentioning people thats doesn't know about what he's talking about
Even involving people who dont know what the fuck does this guy
Please, if you can report this guy for harassment, do it
Spread the word into the metal slug community, Good Night/evening/Day Everybody
And Fuck you Twxaxreal
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One Size Fits All 2: U.N. Owen Was Him (TG/TF)
Adam was not entirely sure why he started seriously looking through the Touhou section, after all nearly the entire cast was female. He'd always been a fan of the games, even if he'd never been able to handle the higher difficulties. The music alone was worth the pain though the cast was fun and varied in it's own right. So as costumes they'd be pretty cool, so even if none of them would fit it was fun to look. Looking closer at the nearby from the Scarlet Devil mansion cast Adam paused and frowned... Every single one is marked 'One Size Fits All. Guaranteed'. He considered the prospect for a moment before shrugging.
"Eh, why not?" He was less then convinced but he also had time to spare. He plucked a costume off the rack at random and give it a quick once more. "Flandre huh? It looks pretty accurate." Someone really went to the effort of getting all the details... and just like the others that bold promise. One Size Fit's All... Time to put it to the test. Shouldering the costume he w
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(13/30) i'm still mad at the education system.
because on the last thing i worked on
for school i got fifty percent.  this is not
me crying; i’m past that, sang the praise
of too many teachers that told me
you’re brilliant, but you just can’t bring up
the base enough for it to count.  she told me
this is just a rant.  as if poetry isn’t a
protest form, as if every rally cry isn’t in
some sort of verse.  she told me every poem
needs an image as if my anger isn’t vivid enough.
i won’t give her the satisfaction of using
one now.  call me petty.  call me a letch.  
i lost the ability to string things together poetically
ten years ago to the day and yet i almost
know where to break my lines.  she tells me
poetry is a oral form and docks me marks
for not having a voice.  tell me, if poetry is
so accessible how come it’s not good enough
to throw my heart on a page and be done with it?
could it be something else?  could it be that
someone like
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10 Random Ideas
1. A boy like creature that is part yak and uses a large axe. He is a shepherd over a herd of yak in the mountains, until one day, a mysterious meteor crashed in the village.
2. A white haired android girl that is clad in a blue and black outfit with a crop top that's black, a short black skirt, a large belt, white boots, and a blue denim jacket. She is a heroine that was turned into a robot and sold as a slave in a far away future, yet an accident broke her reprogramming and she's trying to lead a fight to save her friends.
3. An old fossilized dragon skeleton that was uncovered by archelogists who unwittingly awakened it's return to the world after 1000 years and awakened it's need for revenge.
4. A patchwork teddy bear costume worn by a middle aged man that awakened to find himself in a strange world full of very bizarre things and gained very odd powers of the toon force variety.
5. A shy and reclusive sea snake naga with a striped blue and white sea snake tail and sea snakes for h
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Sonic Satam X V3.0 The Prequel Edition
Episode 1: The seeds of the Great War Part 1
With the Xorda War now over and victorious over the Black Xorda, the Overlanders now begin the rebuilding the damage done to Mobius with the help of the Mobian race, though extremely reluctantly due to their differences and prejudice. Can both races get along, or is an internal conflict inevitable?
Episode 2: The seeds of the Great War Part 2
Things take a turn for the worse during the rebuilding process, as King Max's son Elias ends up being brutally assaulted by Overlanders and assumed dead.  Deeply enraged and in grief, King Max launches an investigation to find out why and demand an explanation from the Overlanders. Will the culprits be turned over by the Overlander Empire to be given their rightful punishment, or will they protect them, making things worse?
Episode 3: The seeds of the Great War Part 3
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The Gear Powers: Team Power, Part 2
Inserts: Team Power, Part 2.
["The episode continues in the beyond of the scary forests of Japan, where the Gear Powers were faced by the Shimmer Numbers."]
Block Man: (Angry) What's it that you intend to do against us?
Heartless Woman: (Coquettishly) As we have said, we will kill all those who oppose Marysalis Shimmer.
Block Man: That crazy old lady is a shitty devil! She and you do the same old nonsense because you want a world just for robots!
Glacier Man: There's no doubt about what you say. Yep, that's what we were proposing. Because she will dominate the Universe mainly for the dream of demonstrating her inventions as masterpieces, but unfortunately failed and everyone hates her for that.
Blast Man: Well, he deserves it as cruel.
Pharaoh Man: I totally agree.
Marine Man: Who cares? You, the Gear Powers, would do everything possible to save yourself
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The Seven Halos - Haiku Group
Halo of shadow
Worn over my head today
I’ll fear no darkness
Halo of brambles
That protect delicate things
And keep evil out
Halo of fire
To refine my intentions
And burn away lies
Halo of lightning
Overhead to light my way
So I won’t stumble
Halo of snowflakes
Because each one is unique
Like all God’s children
Halo of raindrops
To let my words fall gently
And bless thirsty hearts
Halo of starlight
To remind me of heaven
Waiting at the end
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Phinbella-Mi verdadero amor.
Estoy hecha un desastre o almenos eso es lo que creo.
He llorado todo el día, y hace unas horas deje de hacerlo, mis ojos quizás ya no estén hinchados pero eso que más da.
Aferro mis manos al volante, estoy mal, debo poner en marcha el auto y dar la vuelta no sé qué hago aquí.
Miro a través del cristal delantero hacia tu ventana y como la luz aún está presente en ella, ¿aún seguirás esperandome?
Seguro no es importante, seguro solo...
Saco mi celular, lo desbloqueo y veo el mensaje que enviaste.
"Izzy necesito verte, ¿puedes venir a mi apartamento lo antes posible?. Te estaré esperando."
Aprieto los ojos.
Aún esas ganas de llorar.
Tengo que irme, no puedes verme así.
Me prometí ser fuerte por ti pero no puedo, no a un día.
Lo mejor será ir a casa y dormir lo más que pueda para que nadie sospeche por lo que estoy pasando.
Suspiró y abro los ojos, no, tengo que subi
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The Ancient Lives of Storytellers
I have read that once upon a time
 storytellers wandered the land
 during a period where printed text
 came at a painstaking speed from monks
 and where very few people were literate
These storytellers kept within them tales
   to entertain crowds in countless villages
   sometimes with the addition of music
   but they also carried along the history
   of the lands through which they roamed
Royalty would invite storytellers to court
   for grand meals and to hear accounts
  of their proud ancestors down the centuries
   or to stir the patriotic blood  of the warriors
  so they would know the reasons they fought
  in order to protect their homeland
Some storytellers ventured around alone
  Others found companionship with caravans
  That carried other entertainers
  from place to place
A few storytellers retired to rich estates
    financed by gold given to them b
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Shantae vs Paul Bunyan.
in Sequin Land Palace Council room.
Sequin Land Sultana: greetings Royal Council. This meeting is now on session.
Royal Advisor: greetings fellow ministers and kings of other kingdoms.
James Luck: greetings Sultana. The everlasting peace lasts pretty good.
Queen Crystala: i agree with him. Despite that attacks from Risky Boots, Ammo Baron, Ashura and Madame Mystica, Sequin Land is protected by the half-genies especially Shantae.
Sequin Land Sultana: of course. She's my friend and she saved me many times.
Royal Advisor: and we are grateful of her heroic deeds.
Minister Cassim: yes of course. She travels to new places that is new to us.
James Luck: and we meet new people, new species and a new world that must be explored.
Queen Crystala: i agree with you. But if there is anything Shantae and her friends are doing is hunting down Ashura, vaporise him to dust and putting his minions Dr. Franklin and Bizor in jail where they belong!
Sequin Land Sultana: another reason why Shantae travels to
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The Calm Before
“This is a bad idea.”
Leo handed Don his shell-cell to force eye contact. “It’s not that big a deal.”
“It is too, and you know it. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve never had to lead the whole team into a big mission like this!”
“You’ve led plenty of missions over the years.”
“Well this one’s different.”
“It’s no more difficult than any other—“
“But you’re not going to be there!” Don turned away from his brother, solidly placing his shell between his solemn face and Leo’s wide eyes. “Anytime I’ve ‘led’ a mission, it’s been in the middle of one you already started, and you were right there the whole time, ready to take over if anything went wrong. Which it did. Almost every time.
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Lass Busters: When 50 foot women attack 4
In the Municipality of Zanyville, the Lass Busters are ready for the next mission.
DOOM: I don't get it, Deem. Why do every woman in the world are homicidal?
DEEM: I don't know, Doom. Maybe it's the hormones.
DOOM: Don't be ridiculous, Deem. Women are craziest people. They even kill men for money.
DEEM: Don't be so pessimistic, Doom. Look! Neo!
DOOM: Where?
Deem slaps Doom's head. Doom pokes Deem's eyes and he says: Slaughterhouse!
When suddenly, Mayor Sappirix appears.
M.S.: Boys, I think the playtime is over.
DOOM: Since when you're the kindergarten teacher?
DEEM: Too ironic for 4th wall breaker.
M.S.: Boys, let's focus on this mission.
DOOM: So what is our next victim?
M.S.: The next target is... (pointing Colossia) THIS!
DOOM: What?! What is this crazy giantess doing here this time?
DEEM: Maybe she wants more humans.
DOOM: Or rather black people.
DEEM: Not only our friend becomes cannibal, she is also a member of Kook Kloox Kl
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One-Minute Melee: Inspector Gadget VS Dynomutt
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you want to see people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Hanna-Barbera Town)

The town of Hanna-Barbera Town was always known to be full of colorful and friendly characters. They were all generally good-natured despite some had a mischievous streak. However, things weren’t all pure.
The town was full of villains. People dedicated to disturbing the peace, committing crimes and now what being a jerk overall. Fortunately, Hanna-Barbera Town had a lot of heroes to counter this, but sometimes when a bunch of villains come another. They may need help from another source.
Inside of a specialized police car and driving down the road was a man dressed like a classic private detective. In the back was a young blonde girl with pigtails and a bright yellow dog with a red nose.
The girl looked in awe at some of the citizens from inside of the car. “Oh, wow, Uncle Gadget! I knew that animals could stand on t
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No Objections To This Playdate [Part 3]
      Oh, but there was something she could do about it. Almost immediately, tears began to well in Athena’s eyes, and she suddenly shouted. “MOMMYYYYY!” She yelled, sobbing loudly as she waited for Juniper to come over.
    Oh, right. Juniper. That woman would almost certainly drill into Betty if she were to be caught, and she had a feeling simply giving it back to Athena wouldn't quite stop the crying. Thinking quick, she looked over towards Bonny and rushed over, forcing the plush into her hands. “Take this!” She said, having a feeling that Athena would be unable to differentiate between the two of them.
     “W-What?” Bonny clearly didn’t understand what was happening as the plush was shoved into her hands, but Juniper approaching the three of them and Athena sobbing gave her a pretty good idea of what had transpired. “B-Betty, I don’t want this! Yo
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the Tailor and the Magician
Although the sky was always a perpetual midnight in this world of darkness, today had felt bright and joyous enough to welcome a proper sun.
A wedding was in commence today. A relatively humble and inexpensive one, but still wonderful a darkener event filled with friends and family of the wife and groom. They were both cat-monsters.
The bride, clad in a simplistic cute white gown she had crafted herself, had a very light cream-toned hide soft as cotton to the touch, a few accents of peach here and there. Her aqua eyes sparkled as she looked adoringly to her soon-to-be husband, further highlighted in her little smile and pink blushed cheeks. Her name was Aine.
The groom, adorning a black tux his mother badgered him into buying, was bright orange with his own accents and stripes being a few shades darker, his respective fur comparatively silkier. His own violet, almond-shaped eyes where locked onto Aine just as lovingly, feeling as warm as she looked visibly bubbly and ecstatic. His name
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