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The Growgun - Unused Scripts from 2016
The Grow Gun Script
((The Grow Gun was going to be a CC voice acted story in 2016.  The script went through a few iterations.  Unfortunately, CC was unable to capture clean audio of her performance, and has been out of contact since.  Someday this may be rewritten into a story or script for another VA to perform.))
There were 3 documents created for the script of this story.  I’ve compiled them into one here.
Original Script “First Half”
Hey nerd!  What’s this thing you’ve got here?  Looks like some kind of ray gun!  [Dismissive:] You won’t mind if I take a look, right?  Of course not.
So how’s it work anyway?  If I just pointed it at you and pulled the trigger, would you be vaporized? *giggle*
What’s that? [pause] It’s a grow gun?  [pause] What, I just point it at myself and [gun fires] Ohmygod, what’s happening!?  *growth sounds*  
Ho-ly shit!  I’m taller
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Sophie's Salacious And Glamorous Magic Show Part 1
    The stage was small, the setting intimate, the club hushed with a throb of excitement as the audience eagerly awaited the main performer. The tickets had been expensive, and few in number, but it was all worth it to see this show. Many people had heard of it, yet few had ever seen it. Phones were always strictly forbidden in these shows, so there weren't any recordings available on-line, only excited conversations on message boards. And now, in the Aurora Club in New York City, the show was back after a prolonged absence. And within moments it was about to begin.
    The first act of the show had finished, and now it was on to the main performance with the enigmatic Sophie, the proclaimed Queen of Punk Rock Magic. She was glamorous and beautiful, her shows shocking and audacious, and strictly adults only. The latter was more than enough to get people to flock to her shows, but it wasn't what she had built her reputation on. Well, at least not entirely.
The spotl
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The Boyfriend Type (Kaoru x Male Reader) - Ch. 4
Chapter 4 – The Mysterious Suitor!
Ouran High School Host Club is owned by Bisco Hatori and Hakushensha Comics and is licensed by Madman Entertainment and Viz Media. Please support the official release.
Winter was coming. Little flurries of snow danced on the icy winds, but the snow had yet to stick. Much like students at any school, those at Ouran High were barely able to focus on their studies, despite final exams waiting just around the corner. Most were already thinking about their trips home to visit family and friends or the holiday feasts or presents or other things far more interesting than classical Japanese Literature. Yet, despite the excitement of the impending holiday season and looming exams, you were interested in another little puzzle that came in the form of a bag on your desk one Friday morning.
It was a candy-cane patterned plastic wrap tied with a neat cherry red bow. I
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Deep Blue Si-don (TF) CH2018
‘Hey Rami!
So I know you like a certain set of husbandos, so when I saw this I thought that you might indeed like them! You won’t believe who I had to fight off for please...even though it's a gift know that I really almost got punched by someone…
PS - That was a lie.
PPS - The punching part I mean, it was a scratch’

“Woah the fuck?” was the first things that came out of Noah’s mouth as he saw the note on the box that had arrived for him that day and was now settled in on his bed. That wasn’t the sort of note that he was expecting to find, but then again the box wasn’t something he was expecting to find either. Instead, there it was. Cardboard, about the size of a shoebox with some rather badly managed tape holding it together. It was a curious little thing, but then again it was a gift...maybe. Noah stared back down at the note. M. He knew a few people with that initial. Could be anyone. But whichever one it was
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Silent Night 2018 - 15
Seven sisters – what on earth did those who decide these things think when it was decreed I would be the only boy in a family of eight?  And what’s worse, I’m slap in the middle – three older sisters, three younger sisters, and one twin sister.
But I had a challenge I felt all of them would do – starting with my twin sister Amy.  When I made my way into the room, she was sitting with our younger sister Claire – both of them with Christmas headbands on. Clare’s had ears, Amy’s reindeer horns.  Little sis was wearing a red top with striped sleeves, and a Christmas picture with “Oh What Fun” printed on the front, as well as her jeans, while Amy wore a red top with her jeans.
“Oh great,” Amy said as I walked in, “what do you want?”
“Mom and Dad want a picture of all seven of you, and me – but I want it done in silence, and I bet you I can do without any of you saying a word.
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Gambit Ignites DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: 
Uncanny X-Men Annual #1990 (July, 1990)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 179 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red
Occupations: Mutant, Hero, Professional Thief
Aliases: Le Diable Blanc, Robert Lord, Dirge, Gumbo, Cajun, Loverbayou, Swamp Rat

-Defeated Julien in a duel when he objected Gambit's arranged marriaged.
-Became a skilled thief since he was 10 years old.
-Helped Storm escape the Shadow King.
--Storm was an amnesiac child in this state (somehow).
-Was sponsored into joining the X-Men.
-Struck a deal with the enigmatic New Son.
-Took up a teaching position at Xavier's
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To Fear a Werehog, Chapter 16
The television studio stood along the great cliffs of oceanside Apotos. Great, thick sheets of glass covered the sides of its top floors, exposing the view of the endless expanse. Television preferred everything scenic and beautiful.
The dressing room, however, was much less impressive. Devoid of any natural light, the only source of illumination came from great, beaming bulbs that cast harsh light from the ceiling. Glossy mirrors were plastered along every wall. Excess casting equipment laid strewn across the room in half organized cabinets.
Metal entered the room first. He walked quickly, and once inside, he held the door open for Sonic. "Room 308," was all he said.
"Thanks," Sonic said with a smile. He walked past Metal, chuckling at all the fancy equipment that laid in unorganized heaps.
Sonic sat down in one of the chairs and looked at Metal with a glance that resembled curiosity. "Seriously, Mets, you didn't have to do this for me, you know?"
Metal stepped backward and folded his
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Power Packed Weekend
Power Packed Weekend
The following weekend after their Spirit Weekend was just as excited as it was a 3 day weekend so anyone with special talents could have the training time they needed to properly learn to control their gifts.
For the Next Generation Riders, they had quite a thrilling time last weekend using their powers and skills during the game of Dragon Air Tag. However, that didn't mean they still didn't need to train in how to use them.
They still couldn't escape their destiny to protect this world anymore then their parents. It was part of the reason they'd all earned this chance to be reborn in the first place. The world needed them as heroes.
After all, the Tapestry of Creation wouldn't have had such a reaction to the three Haddock Children who literally changed everything in the Nine Realms by bringing about the Age of Transformation and Enlightenment if it was crucial they remain in play.
So like it or not they couldn't escape the role of heroes of destiny and having to p
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Suggestion Submissions 1
Our tale begins as many do in the Pokemon World. It was in Pallet Town one day, while Ash Ketchum and Misty were taking a break from their journeys and duties as Gym Leader respectively to catch up with one another.
The two friends talked, as they often did, about old times and what the other had missed, though on that day, Professor Oak had invited them both over.
Ash and Misty were both at his lab, awaiting the professor, but they and Pikachu noticed a strange stone, one that seemed to be a ball of light.
“Hm? Hey, Ash, did you see that?” Misty asked, walking closer. “What do you think it is?”
“I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a weird Pokeball, like the GS Ball from awhile back,” the traveling trainer suggested. It was then that he noticed a note next to the ball. “Hm? A note?”
“What does it say?” Misty asked, watching as Ash began to read. All the while, Pikachu was poking and prodding the ball with curiosity.
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Animated Films of 2018
You know, it seems like ever since 2013, there's been a pattern when it comes to animated films where the odd numbered years range from okay to just good while the even numbered years range from great to fantastic.  And while 2018 wasn't quite as strong as 2014 and 2016, it still managed to keep up that trend.  At the very least, this is one of those rare instances of a year where I didn't dislike a single animated film that came out, and considering how many we got, that's impressive.  Even this year's weakest entries I still liked to a certain degree.  Plus it also helps that much like last year, this year did give us a good number of foreign films here in Edmonton.
Anyway, as per usual, it's time to start my annual fake animation awards.  As always, this is all opinion-based.  If I wasn't posting these on the Internet, I wouldn't repeat that every time.
Best Animated Film of 2018- Big Fish and Begonia
I am so glad this came to Edmonton this year, otherw
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(SS) The Magic Of Christmas
"Ah! Luna, please, no!" The timid girl pleaded, as she felt a pair of hands firmly grasp the waistband of her green, Christmas themed panties. She knew what was coming. And she was dreading it. "I'm almost out of undies!"
This begging did nothing but curl an evil smile onto the face of the goth girl standing behind the soon-to-be wedgie victim.
"Well, maybe you should ask Santa to bring ya some new underwear, eh, Ashley?"
Luna's fingers were tightly curled around Ashley's panties and were ready for take-off. She widened her stance, planting her feet firmly into the snow covered ground below and lowered her knees slightly, ready to deliver the monster wedgie.
In turn, Ashley clenched her fists and butt cheeks in terrified anticipation. She had accepted her fate.
"Super..." Luna whispered into Ashley's ear; prolonging the poor girl's tortuous wait. Ashley closed her eyes. 
Luna then shot upwards and quickly yanked Ashley's panties skyward; the cotton fabric lodging itself tightly in
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FLHPRR locomotives
Union Pacific
4-8-4 #8444
4-6-6-4 #3967
4-8-8-4 #4006
2-10-2 #5511
4-4-2 #12
2-8-0 #618
0-6-0 #4466
Canadian Pacific
4-6-2s #1201, #1238, #1246, #1278, #1286 and #1293
4-6-0s #972, #1057 and #1098
4-6-4s #2816, #2839 and #2860
4-4-0 #136
2-8-0 #3716
2-10-4s #5902 and #5934
Canadian National
2-8-2 #3254
4-6-2 #5529
0-6-0s #7470 and #7312
4-8-4s #6213 and #6400
4-8-2 #6060
2-6-0 #89
4-6-0 #1551
Grand Trunk Western
4-8-4s #6325 and 6406
4-6-2 #5629
4-6-2s #3768, #1361 and #5498
4-4-2s #460 and #7002
0-4-0 #94
2-10-4 #6174
4-4-0 #1223
4-4-4-4s #5507, #6110, #5508 and #5509
2-8-2 #520
4-8-2 #6755
4-6-0 #5741
Boston and Maine
4-6-2 #3713
Baltimore & Ohio
4-6-2s #5300, #5304 and #5309
2-8-0 #2709
4-8-2 #723
2-10-2 #6105
2-8-8-4 #7611
2-8-2 #4500
Nickel Plate Road
2-8-2 #587
2-8-4s #759 and #763
4-6-4s #173, #174 and #175
4-8-4s #2101 and #2124
4-6-2 #213
0-6-0t #1251
0-4-0 #1187
Santa Fe
4-6-2s #1316, #3415 and #1369
4-8-4s #3751 and #2926
2-10-4s #5000 and #5
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Ultimate Destiny: Abuto

Gender: Male
Debut: Gintama Chapter 213 (2008)
English Voice Actor: Kyle C. Jones
Japanese Voice Actor: Hōchū Ōtsuka
Title:  7th Vice-Captain of the Thunder Guns
Alternate Costume: Without Cloak
Signature Stage: Kamui’s Ship
Intro: Abuto is seen walking in slowly with his umbrella over his head. He then lifts his umbrella up to show his face, then pulls a smirk before closing his umbrella and gets into a battle stance
Intro Quotes:
“I’m going to enjoy beating the living hell out of you.”
“Heh, I was getting bored. Let’s hope you are not just all bark and no bite.”
“You’re either mighty brave or mighty stupid.”
“Coming at me are you? You might die.”
Outro:  Abuto smirks and puts the
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The Spring Beuaty and The Lone Wolf Clash by Hollowtaker The Spring Beuaty and The Lone Wolf Clash :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 4 0
Dynasty = Samurai (Warriors) | Parallel Plots

Allow me to tell you a story. It's a story about a nation at war - divided by the inept heirs of the ruling family, leading to a century of civil war amongst the regional warlords. Three men rise up to bring an end to the chaos.
The first to rise to power is a ruthless conqueror, who will do whatever it takes to bring the chaos to an end. He makes a name for himself by killing the foppish ruler of a larger faction and taking the rightful ruler into his care to give himself legitimacy in his conquest. His charisma and power earn him many followers, but just as many enemies, with some of his own eventually betraying him. Following his death, his heirs attempt to continue his legacy, but prove incapable of doing so, and his family falls into obscurity.
The second is a man left to pick up the pieces after his predecessor's death. He is a mostly honourable man, who is known to make morally dubious decisions for what he perceives as the greate
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Mafiatale - [P53] [Frans] [Sequel]
The main ship of this story is Sans x Frisk. If you don't like that, this isn't the story for you.
Sans is a MONSTER and not a HUMAN, so he doesn't follow HUMAN biology like a HUMAN skeleton. Same with Gaster and Papyrus.  
So peaceful... She had missed that face of his. That calm, sleeping, snoozing face from the skeleton, who she would sleep next to every night, for the last couple of years. These last few weeks where she had been without him, where her bedside had just been completely empty, it had been hell... Absolute hell. It felt cold at night when she wasn't there, it felt too silent. At least when she led next to him, she was accompanied not only by  the skeleton's arms, but his quiet, gentle snores too, which didn't end up being an annoyance to her. In fact, it only made him seem all the more adorable while he slept, as she watched over him, smiling all the while. Carefully, she went to pull one of her arms out from under the skeleton's cuddling arms, and she went t
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Valkyrie Report 1: Inn Harm's Way
Seren played with her hair nervously as she and Branwen approached the spot marked on her map.  This would be her first official search of a newly-swallowed site as a full Valkyrie.  Her friend was still an apprentices... But right now, she couldn't think of two companion as just a friend. Branwen looked to her as a leader right now, and her choices might determine whether this expedition was a success or if all they ended up in the stomach of something that had different ideas about digestion than Nina did. Nina tried to avoid inviting in anyone would be see her insides as the universe's largest buffet bar, but occasionally mistakes were made. Seren had heard stories.
She shook her head. Now wasn't the time to be thinking about what-ifs when their destination was just over the next hill of flesh.  Thankfully, the new site was right where the report said it would be. A lot of people who haven't been inside Nina for long were bad at directions without the sun or starts th
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Priorities 2

Buddha: Why are you looking at me like that?...

Buddha: I'm a good guy, I promise... where that gun comes from?

Buddha: Nooooo!

Buddha: What... happened... because I feel... happy... 

Buddha: What are you.. mumbling.. me.. a maid?... that.. that would be...

Buddha: .... Such a wonderfull idea... I can't wait to start Mistress...

Buddha: Do.. do you want me? really?... I'd love to be your maid Mistress..

Bhurva: Yes Mistress... B... Bhurva will serve you. B... Bhurva won't dissapoint you!

Anonymous girl: She is wonderful Mistress.
Amelie: hehe.. you are right but stop flattering me.. heh
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The Phibiemancer C 6B - The Llama Necromancer
Nel danced out of the room into the kitchen as I stomped out the door to meet the delivery truck. The fitful precipitation was eroding the remaining snow, giving the landscape a decidedly mangy appearance. The dreary landscape did nothing help my spirits at all. It seemed even nature herself had woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day. All that had been lovely and sparkling white was now a sodden muddy ruin. Even the llamas in the pasture across the road looked bedraggled and miserable.
When I saw the familiar face of John emerging from his delivery truck, my spirits brightened. He had just gone through some serious health issues and a new driver had taken over his route. The new man was pleasant and efficient, but he wasn’t the guy I had built up camaraderie with over the years. “John!” I exclaimed excitedly. “Good to see you, bro! I didn’t know you were coming back to work. Did you get my get well gift in the hospital?”
“Yeah, man, I d
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Predator and prey: Anna vs. Masae, Round 1 corners

Esther: "We go to the corners for some advice between rounds. Let's start with red."
Yumi: "What did I tell you? She's not at your level. We don't want the fight to last too long, though. We need a knockout either in the second or third round to be on a roll and avoid a lucky punch."
Masae: "Yes."
Yumi: "I want you to vary things a bit more in the second round. Her coach will tell her to let her hands go, and that will open things up for the counterattack. In the beginning, don't just go forward and throw big shots. Let her come to you and punish every mistake. You can attack after making her vulnerable."
Masae: "Yes."
Yumi: "There was a small problem with your right hand after the knockdown. If you want to make it a looping punch, you need to step to the right and find an angle. Don't do that when going in straight."
Masae: "Got it."
Yumi: "She's yours. Make her pay the price for stepping in t
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Character Introduction - Primus
Prince Primus - Heir to the Temperian Throne

Basic Information:
Name: Prince Primus of the Kingdom of Tempera
Nickname: Prim
"No one except my closest family calls me by any nickname. Although it is my dear sister Illyana who almost exclusively calls me Prim, as I am the only one who calls her by her nickname Ana. My brother Andrus has a few times used Prim, but, not in a loving way but rather in a tone meant to provoke. From time to time Kiara has called me Prim, but the rest of the family have settled with Primus.
Age: 19 years
Place of Birth: Capital Denveres
"My mother told me I was born during the summer's high moon festivities. When the whole country comes together to celebrate the Moon Goddess and ask for her blessing for the next year. She said I was most fortunate to be born the same night, and that because of it, I will have the G
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A Sonic Christmas Carol - FULL STORY
A Sonic Christmas Carol
Written by Cameron Stevens
Based on the games series of Sonic the Hedgehog and the famous novel: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

It was Christmas time across all of Mobius and in the iconic city of Mobotropolis, the snow-covered city was becoming a winter hive of activity. Many residents of the city and preparing their Christmas shopping and dinner while the children of Mobotropolis play in the snow.
In Acorn Castle however, Princess Sally, the leader of the Freedom Fighters was preparing a special Christmas party to all of her friends the Freedom Fighters as a way of saying thank you for helping her to try and achieve peace in Mobius over the years.
Inside the ballroom, the Freedom Fighters were all preparing for the party. Sonic the Hedgehog and all of his friends, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Epsio, Blaze, Vector, Charmey, Sally, Bunnie, Nicole, Cameron, Mighty, Antoine and Rotor were all there enjoying themselves.
Amy: *Wearing her Christm
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