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I am currently on break from Rp requests, but I'm trying to dredge up some traffic for my buddy's superhero Rp forum. If you're looking for quality rp and partners in general, give it a try!
- OCs welcome!
- Marvel, DC and some other canons accepted.
- There is an app process! But the linked page will walk you through it. (Note that I don't participate in accepting or denying apps, and this community is for advanced writers. I'm not an admin, I just enjoy the forum).

(Click it!)

FA Gallery (Same stuff.)
Tumblr(More sketches.)

Spicy Cats Roleplay Server by GreekCeltic

Spicy Cats
General roleplay discord.
Wreck it Ralph fan discord/hang out.
Genie's Lamp
For those folks who love to see big characters pair up with little ones.

Notes and Comments!

♥ Please don't take it personally if I don't reply to a message on here, I've got a lot going on.

Art and Story!

♥ Please don't repost any art I didn't make specifically for you.

♥ If you feel up to drawing my characters, that's awesome! I just ask you to keep it G-rated and not go overboard. Sorry ya'll, fanfic territory is just for friends. While I might post adult things, it doesn't mean I'm okay receiving it from others. I know my own comfort levels, please respect that.

♥ While I don't have an open species or webcomic, I do have a perpetually under construction headworld that I love to make up mythology and stories for. It's very personal to me and it warms my heart to see all the support folks have shown for The Cat's Way, but please remember it's a personal story. I worked hard to come up with the lore, so please don't treat it like a fandom you can jump into with both feet and make "fan characters" for. Thank you for understanding!

Commissions, Projects, Requests, etc

♥ I don't mind folks asking for trades, but please don't be sad if I don't reply or say no. Generally I don't do requests. You can ask- but I most likely won't respond.

♥ I generally auto-decline requests to add my art to DA groups. You can try! But please don't spam my inbox with them.

♥ please dear god I don't want to join any contests, kickstarters, collabs, or anthologies. I appreciate your interest but let me reeeeest.

♥ Sorry, but I don't feature artwork/posts by request.

I Rp, but not on my DA.

♥ You might see FUGTONS of Rp ads here but I don't want comments that are like pounces or PMs pawing for Rp. I'm like a minecraft ocelot I need my space.

*Edit: I've gotten LOTS of good advice. Thanks all! It looks like the best thing to do is update my TOS, add a copyright blurb to my art and take care that I don't post enormous, printable versions.

I don't post commissions in my gallery. I've had art stolen and re-posted before. It can be a real headache to get it taken down.

Buuuut, it seems unfair to my customers and it makes it difficult to show them work I've previously done for pay. So I'm looking at the possibility of posting them again. In the past I've compromised by inviting them to repost it in their gallery/elsewhere, because then they get to control the choice/their comfort level with it. That seems to work for some and not others.

I'm just curious what your approach is. How do you convey this information to your customers. How do you deal with it when it happens, etc.

I know watermarks are a thing- but they're not super effective. You really have to ruin art to protect it this way. Otherwise a determined human will just edit it out.



*I'll edit that text out later. Just trying to drum up some interest in my buddy's rp forum since it sort of fits the theme.
Aaaah this was fun. Hellboy is one of my favorite characters. I like him so much I cleaned up my lineart.

Hellboy was created by and belongs to Mike Mignola. 


Super Hero Rp forum/discord!
If you like superheroes and want to find some quality rp- check out my buddy's forum.
- Marvel, DC and characters from some other publishers allowed.
- OCs are welcome!
- There IS an application process. The forum is looking for literate/advanced players, but the linked page will walk you through how to get started! (Note that I don’t participate in approving or denying apps. I’m not an admin, I just enjoy the forum.)

This is not a personal ad- but if you’re looking for an Rp buddy in general, give it a try. 

Bratty Bat
I tried to do these in my style but I just can't undo my attachment to the cartoons. XD Oh well. It's not as if I'll be drawing Batman often anyway.
Batman belongs to DC!

Looking for Superhero Rp?
If you think you'd enjoy quality superhero RP, come have a look at my buddy's Rp forum.
- Marvel and DC characters welcome (as well as some from a few other publishers, like Hellboy!).
- OCs are welcome!
(Note that this is not a personal ad! Just if you're generally looking for Rp partners.)

Justice League United Rp Forum and Discord
If you've liked my recent deviations and crave some quality superhero Rp, my buddy :devkreptadraconis: runs an RP forum and Discord for just that kind of thing!

Link here:…

- There's room for real time and slow posters.
- Marvel characters are welcome too, as well as some from other publishers. 
- OCs are welcome!

You can find a list of rp zones and other discords I participate in on my front page. 

Note that this is not a personal ad- but if you're looking for a new partner in general, give it a try!
(For those who have recently followed me- usually you'll only see plugs like this in the descriptions on my deviations. It is my preference not to spam inboxes.)
Went back and splashed some colors on it.

Heeey if you like superhero Rp try my buddy's forum-…
(This is not a personal ad for RP, just if you're generally looking for new partners.)

More garbage.
For those not in the know, J’onn is a bored, lonely, psychic Martian Man.

If you like superhero Rp check out my friend’s forum (quality controlled!) Justice League United

Marvel characters are allowed, too! As well as a few others.

Martian Manhunter belongs to DC. Jacky's one of mine.



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esemese Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019
very cool style!
catstache87 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Your art is increadible! Keep up the amazing work I can't wait to see more!
kunnings Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018  Hobbyist
So many rules
RoboticZombye Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your art work! It's so cute and the comics you create are so cool!
Myuniverseinabox Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I just say your art is really cool and it's become a pretty big inspiration for me
All your characters are just sO GOOD and I love them
gosh just
Love ur stuff dude
piranha-ha Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heya! Nice to meet you! Your work is REALLY FUN. And it touches a special place in my heart because I basically learned to draw by paintchatting/drawing out all my stories with my art partner. Have you ever been on paintchat programs like drawpile? If you're ever free, it would be super fun to meet up and doodle together there!
SAD-z Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been contemplating returning to your discord server all year long. :F
I left feeling disenchanted, but I've developed my character(s) a whole lot since then. 
Calypsoeclipse Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I was wondering if you've ever seen the movie Felidae? Its beautifully animated and has cats trying to solve cat murders in their town. If you can't respond I understand.😁
GabyCoutino Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice gallery

Have a bunny
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