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About Digital Art / Professional Community Volunteer Gene R. von Edler28/Male/Germany Groups :iconcommunityrelations: communityrelations
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Nov 19, 2018
5:39 am
Nov 19, 2018
5:22 am
Nov 19, 2018
4:49 am
Nov 19, 2018
4:47 am
Nov 19, 2018
4:47 am

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Angel without Wings Award by Nameda
Nominated by awesome43 and TheGalleryOfEve


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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Ellysiumn抯 gallery is literally the stuff dreams are made of so it抯 not surprising to learn that many refer to him as a 揹ream weaver.?His imagination knows no bounds and he welcomes us into the fantastical worlds that he creates with open arms. However, it is far more than his creativity that attracts visitors to his page time and again -- it is the person himself that is the magnetic pull. Ellysiumn spends a great deal of his time promoting and supporting the work of other DeviantArt artists far more than he promotes himself. He is a kind and generous soul that has clearly made DeviantArt his home. We are honoured to be part of his online family and elated to be awarding Deviousness for August 2018 to Ellysiumn.
-awarded August 2018

Featuring the Artist: Softyrider62

Sun Nov 18, 2018, 2:52 PM

Unborn by Softyrider62





Autumn Fire by Softyrider62

Late Walk by Softyrider62

LightGiver by Softyrider62

Night Watch by Softyrider62

Core Effect by Softyrider62

Engineers by Softyrider62

Tides Of Melancholy by Softyrider62

Hazard River by Softyrider62

Androids Dream by Softyrider62

Anomaly by Softyrider62

Unexpected Guests by Softyrider62

Skin by Dan Leveille


Thu Nov 15, 2018, 8:42 AM




Enchanted blue by Ellysiumn

Now Know by SillyTillyStudios   The Star by Emotional-Kindness   Spooky Babe by InsomniaQueen   My Sweet Little Cardinal by JassysART

Piranhas by Lora-Vysotskaya

Ghost!Levi x Reader - The Impostor Part 2/2
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
I died.
With those two simple words, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The entire mystery of Levi’s death was suddenly unraveled after months of probing.
I wobbled unsteadily, my legs turning to jelly. It was just too sudden. Levi’s dad was the director… and… a rejected patent triggered his heart attack?? Taken out of context, anyone would have laughed at how ridiculous it sounded. But I knew exactly how Levi must have felt. The stress, the pressure… both from the work environment and his own father. It was a hundred times worse than what I had experienced as merely an intern.  A hand clutched to my mouth, I felt tears well up in my eyes.
Such a bright, young man…. A man I would have loved to have known while he was still alive. Worked to death. By his own f
   Ghost!Levi x Reader - The Impostor Part 1/2
If you're a ghost, I'm marrying a ghost.
Silly thing, really. How is that even possible? At least that’s what I thought at the time when I saw the quote in a newspaper article about a girl’s devotion to her recently dead fiancée. I dismissed it as some pretty, poetic way of saying she loved him. Soon to be forgotten. Soon to move on.
But life is funny that way. I guess I don’t have the last laugh, do I?

People often say I laugh too much. Even for no reason. Apparently, it makes me look inferior and like a push-over. I guess I am in a sense. It’s sort of a boon and a bane at the same time for my line of work. On one hand, it makes me approachable. On the other, it causes people to not take me seriously.  But to me, it’s a way of masking my insecurities.
Laugh it off. Just laugh it off….
“Wow really? You’re a marketing intern at that large company?”
Letting out a good-natured chuckle, I replied, “Yeah, I am!

Halloween Night by EstherPuche-Art

Milena by whittone   Morning Tunes by JTrexe   Lass relaxing after raiding. by Gunderic   DayDreaming  Take Two by RainyGreenTrabant   Rudra by ArteNazrd

Walking through a dream by Laura-Cadei

Lucy by Feega   Gunbai by Skeren   Thomas Sanders Edit by iongnadh   Miku Painting by SeagoatOcean   Good morning by AlicjaGranieczny

Butterfly violin by stellartcorsica

Black VelvetJune, 7th, 1994.
The city was drenched with rain that had come down over the past weeks, with no sign of it letting up. Even the weather-guy, who was always optimistic, had turned pessimistic about the rain. “Welcome to the UK, idiot,” Alannah mumbled, “land of rain. Land of clouds. Get over it.” She was on her way to work in Black Velvet, her beloved Ford Anglia, listening to the radio, but only because she had forgotten to put a new tape in her cassette player. The weather-guy let out a last sigh before the DJ resumed playing the crappy hip-hop music that had been putting her in a terrible mood ever since she turned on the radio. The knob to change channels had broken off years ago, she had tried to fix it but never with any luck. Alannah therefore gave up on it and rummaged through her pile of tapes every morning before leaving for work.
Today she had forgotten. The cat had wanted his extra bit of attention, which had distracted her from her regular m
   Fetch-Quest Follies (A World Of Warcraft Comic) by whitestripe99   Lost #2 by IngeFogel   Rough Collie Run Study Linework by purstotahti

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Mon Nov 12, 2018, 1:00 PM by Ellysiumn:iconellysiumn:


Time Quest by Ellysiumn


Beaming With Joy by Anyzamarah

Shamans Journey 331 by love1008

Arcimboldo LIV by montag451

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Wind Tech Wallpaper by spiraloso

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Rusty Digital Texture 1920x1080 by siulzz

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NS XVII by specialized666


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LadySirona Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Student Writer
I love Gene's Art. I have saved it to a file on my computer to enjoy for my own personal meditation use marled Pictures: Sacred: Personal Use  So I never make the mistake of ever publishing them. I am also following him for any new updates. I just joined DA and his work has made it all worth while!
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